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Admin, Webmaster or Billing Hoax (***Note***)

This hoax takes the form of an email claiming to be from the administrator, webmaster or billing department of your ISP (internet service provider), financial institution (bank, paypal, credit card company), or other site you may do business with (eBay, Amazom.com. or any online pay site). These emails may have an attachment or a link for you to click on. While we may send you a link (see the tips for identifying ligament email from us below the example email) we would not email out an attachment except in rare situations and in these situations we would send out an announcement email first explaining what we are doing and why. Remember you can always call and ask before running any attachments or clicking on any links we might send out.

Like most phishing scams, the goal here is to make the email seem ligament and trick you to giving away personal information that can be abused or fool you into opening a file because the email looks valid. When in doubt check it out! The best advice we can give in these matters is to always be careful.

There have even been emails of this sort that look like the came from us. Here is an example:

----- Begin Example Email -----

From: webmaster@greatlakes.net

To: a_user@greatlakes.net

Sent: Thursday, July 07, 2005 9:03 PM

Subject: Account Alert

Dear Valued Member,

According to our site policy you will confirm your account by the following link or else your account will suspended be within 24 hours for security reasons.


Thank you for your attention to this question. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Sincerely, Greatlakes Security Department Assistant.

----- End Example Email -----

Firstly, if you ever receive an email from us it should include the sending persons name and our office phone numbers. Any email that is missing these should be considered suspect. Secondly, read the email carefully make sure it makes sense as many of these are written by foreign virus writers and often contain spelling and grammatical errors. Lastly, our business name is Great Lakes Internet, Inc., our web address is http://www.greatlakes.net, and emails sent to customers will contain at least a techs name and our office phone number at the bottom.