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AdAware and Spybot Installation and Use (***Note***)

Below are the instructions on how to use Spybot and AdAware. These are free virus removal tools and running both seems to get most, if not all, of the spyware off the computer. This is why we recommend that you install and run both.

If following these instructions does not solve your "Spyware" problem, most likely you have one of the more aggressive / opportunistic pieces of spyware, and may need to bring the computer in to have it removed. Alternatively you can wipe and restore your computer if you have the "System Restore" software that comes with most name brand computers and there is nothing on the computer you are afraid to lose.

It is important to stress this: Unless you backup all of your important documents, pictures, email, music, programs and anything else on the computer that you are afraid to lose, you may not be able to restore them!

1. Click on the first spyware program link (Spybot or AdAware) on the Online Scan Page.

2. A popup will ask if you want to open, save, or cancel; choose open.

3. Wait for the download process to complete; it may take up to 20 minutes (for each program).

4. Once the download completes, it should bring up the setup program. Simply walk through the setup process by clicking next and agreeing to the license agreement (the default settings for these programs will work).

5. Once the program has been installed properly, it should put an icon on your desktop (you may need to double click the icon to open the program after the installation, if it doesn't automatically open itself up).

6. Once you have the program open, make sure you click the "Check For Updates" button (this will ensure that you get the most up-to-date spyware definitions). It is either along the top, or on the left hand side.

7a. To begin using Spybot, you click "Check For Problems", let the program scan your system (you do not need to be online for this phase of the process).

  • Make sure that all spyware components that have been found have a check next to them.
  • Click the "Fix Selected Problems" button and click "yes" to continue.

7b. To begin using AdAware, click "Start", click "Next", allow the program to scan the computer (you do not need to be online for this phase of the process).

  • Once the scan has finished click "Next", make sure all spyware components have a check next to them.
  • If they are not checked, right-click the first item in the list and left-click "Select All Objects".
  • Click "Next" and "Okay".

8. We also recommend doing an online virus scan, in some cases it will remove the more aggressive / opportunistic pieces of spyware.