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Tired of All the SPAM? So Are We. (***Note***)

We offer 2 levels of spam filtering. By default, all Great Lakes Internet, INC. customers are on the basic level of filtering. This scans incoming email for spam-like traits and catch-phrases (i.e. buy one get one free). Each recognized trait is given a score. Then, the total score is compared to the level of the filter we set for you (starts at 5). Any email scoring 5 or more wont get through to you (unless it is whitelisted).It will go to your spam box, which is set to delete each spam email based on time in the spam box. This is set to 7days. We do this to allow you time to examine the contents of the spam box, if you choose.

If you find that the basic level is not doing enough, or you want more control over spam, you can sign up for the Advanced filter give us a call if your interested.

A few important things to know:

1. Normal emails from friends and family that are forwarded, or have other spam-like traits, may look like Spam. This is easily solved by adding friends, family, or any other email source, to your white list for you that will allow any emails from that address to get through. Click here for whitelisting instructions.

2. We have taken an aggressive stance against Porn/Dirty words with our filters. So once a customer signs up they may miss emails form friends that simply contain lewd jokes. Again, white listing the email address from which you think you are missing emails solves this problem.

3. Email lists you have signed up for may be blocked, because they usually have many spam like traits adding their email address of email sources you suspect you are missing emails solves this.

Important Note: Many newsletters, user groups and similar emails normally have a false "from" email address and white listing may not work on these. If this is the case give us a call on this.