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Troubleshooting Outlook Express

  1. Open Outlook Express. If you do not see an icon on your desktop for it, you may need to click on the Start button and then on Programs (or All Programs if you are using Windows XP). Then locate Outlook Express in the menu.
  2. If Outlook Express tells you that it is not currently set as your default E-mail client, click Yes.
  3. If Outlook Express asks you to connect, follow the first section on Troubleshooting Internet Explorer Settings. Step 7 will stop this from appearing.
  4. The Internet Connection Wizard should appear and ask you for a Display Name. If it says that it found previously installed E-mail software, skip to step 26. If the connection wizard does not appear, then skip to step 20.
  5. Enter your name as you want it to appear when you send E-mail. Click Next.
  6. Enter the E-mail address (from the last page) that you want associated with the name you typed in. Then click Next.
  7. Make sure POP3 is selected in the drop-down box at the top.
  8. In the field labeled Incoming Mail Server (POP3) type in pop3.greatlakes.net.
  9. In the field labeled Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) type in smtp.greatlakes.net.
  10. Click Next.
  11. In the Password field, enter the password you chose for this email account.
  12. Click Next. Click Finish. If you see another Next button instead of a Finish button, or you click Finish and it goes to an import screen, go to step 30.
  13. Click on the Send/Receive button at the top of Outlook Express. A window should pop up and then disappear. If you had E-mail on the server waiting to be downloaded, you can click on the Inbox to read it. If you received an error message, see the section on Troubleshooting Outlook Express.
  14. If you did not receive an error message and you do not have additional E-mail accounts to set up, then you are done.
  15. If you have another E-mail account to set up, click on the File menu.
  16. Click on Identities. Then click on Add New Identity….
  17. Type in a name you want associated with the next E-mail address and click OK.
  18. When it asks you if you want to switch to the identity now, click Yes.
  19. Go back to step 4.
  20. If the Internet Connection Wizard did not appear, then you probably already have an account set up. Click on the Tools menu.
  21. Click on Accounts.
  22. Click on the Mail tab.
  23. If there is nothing in the white box, click on Add and then Mail. Skip to step 4, and when you finish with step 12, click Close on the window that is left open. Then go back to step 13.
  24. If there is something in the white box, click on Properties. Make sure the E-mail that is listed is correct. If it is, click OK, then click Close, then go to step 13.
  25. If the E-mail address listed is not the E-mail you want to check, click OK. Click Remove, and then Yes when it asks you if you are sure you want to remove the account. Go to step 23.
  26. If you do not have an E-mail account set up with another software program, select the option that says Create a new Internet mail account and click Next.
  27. If you do have an E-mail account set up with another software program, select the program from the list in the white box and click Next.
  28. You should get a message stating “The Internet Connection Wizard detected the following settings:”. If you do, then review the settings and ensure that they are correct. If they are, click Next, then Finish. Go to step 13.
  29. If they are not correct, select Change settings and click Next. Go to step 5.
  30. If you do not have messages or addresses to import from another program, select Do not import at this time. Click Next then Finish. Go to step 13.
  31. If you have messages that you wish to Import from another E-mail program, select the program in the white box. Click Next.
  32. Choose whether you want to import Messages, Messages and Addresses, or just Addresses. Click Next.
  33. Choose either individual folders to import, or all folders. Click Next.
  34. Outlook Express will import all the messages from all the folders you selected. Once it completes, click Finish. Go to step 13.