Eva’s Place Programs and Services

Shelter Services…

Case Management: 

Support Groups:  

Clients are provided with emergency shelter due to domestic violence, sexual assault and homelessness.  The initial length of stay is 30 days, but can be extended to 60 days. Clients meet regularly with a case manager to assist in assessing the client’s situation and to set goals. Clients attend the weekly support group for domestic violence.  Children also attend weekly groups.

Parenting Groups:  

FIA Assistance:

Employment Education Groups: 

Clients attend weekly parenting classes.  MSU Extension Office will conduct these groups on site.  These groups will also include nutrition guidance.

  An FIA worker will come to the shelter once a week to provide assistance with filling out forms, as needed.


A weekly group is held on resume writing, interviewing and filling out applications.  Assistance with appropriate attire for job interviews, and job leads is provided.

Safety Plans:  

Relocation Assistance: Emergency Assistance:
Assistance with developing a safety plan is provided for every client leaving shelter.  Developing a safety plan is also encouraged for persons who never enter shelter. Clients are assisted with housing leads and setting up new residence (i.e. food, household furnishings, and furniture). Help is available to victims of domestic violence who are in need of planning to relocate.  Items may include, but are not limited to, household goods, clothing, bedding, food and personal items.


Eva's Place 

Family Abuse & Sexual Assault Program

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